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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition



Product overview

Xenoblade Chronicles, a role-playing game originally developed for the Wii by MONOLITHSOFT and released in 2010, returns a decade later, fully remastered, to Nintendo Switch. When his hometown is ravaged by mysterious lifeforms called Mechon, Shulk swears to make them pay. To enact his revenge, he will embark on an adventure through a breathtaking world in which humans and machines are locked in mortal struggle. Shulk's divine sword, the Monado, grants him the power to see the future and predict dangers to come. Together with his friends he seeks to break free from the fate that's written and carve a new future for all. Vast landscapes roll out endlessly across the lifeless remains of the two great titans. The face of the world transforms with each new location you visit as the story unfolds and the party travel from leg, to arm...and sometimes even delving within. In addition to the complete original experience, this edition includes an all-new extra chapter of the story. Experience this beautiful and sprawling adventure anywhere, anytime with Nintendo Switch.
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