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Alan Wake went missing in 2010. He was a bestselling writer based in New York City. On a vacation in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Alice Wake, he came face to face with a force of supernatural darkness.

It brought Wake’s writing, a horror story, to life. He fought this dark presence and managed to banish it back to where it came from, a nightmarish dark place hidden under a caldera lake outside the small town of Bright Falls.

Wake wrote an ending to his horror story and with that freed his wife from the darkness under the lake but became trapped there himself.

Alan Wake is not dead, although he has wished he was many times. For 13 years he’s been a prisoner in the Dark Place, where his nightmares, his fears, and his stories manifest as reality around him.

For 13 years, he has been fighting to stay sane and write a story that would change reality around him in order for him to escape. So far, he has failed...

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Alan Wake 2



Saga Anderson is an accomplished FBI agent with a reputation for solving impossible cases. She arrives in the small-town community of Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest to investigate a string of ritualistic murders.

Alan Wake 2



A nightmarish, dark reality waiting under Cauldron Lake. The Dark Place operates on dream logic, shifting and looping, drawing its appearance from the mind of whoever comes in contact with it.

Alan Wake 2



Cauldron Lake, a caldera lake outside Bright Falls, is a striking landmark. It used to be a popular hiking destination, but since it was fenced off by an obscure government agency years ago, it has gained a reputation as a place to avoid.

Where to play Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Alan Wake 2 - Official Trailer

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