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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Expansion Pass - Nintendo Switch



Product overview

This Expansion Pass contains paid downloadable content (DLC Pack 1 and DLC Pack 2) for this game.

Expansion Pass Items 3 chests on Great Plateau with exclusive equipment and useful items.

DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials Includes: Trial of the Sword Starting with no equipment, fight through 45 rooms of enemies.

  • Your reward: powering up the Master Sword.
  • Hero's Path Mode See the path you've travelled. About 200 hours of gameplay can be tracked.
  • Master Mode Make all monsters stronger and give them regenerating health. You'll also encounter powerful new enemies, and even enemies and treasure chests up in the air. Travel Medallion Register your location as a travel gate on the map.
  • 8 hidden items Adds the following items, hidden in chests across Hyrule: Majora's Mask, Midna's Helmet, Tingle's Hood, Tingle's Shirt, Tingle's Tights, Phantom Helmet, Phantom Armor and Phantom Greaves. Korok Mask Found in a chest. If equipped, it will shake to inform you when a Korok is nearby.

DLC Pack 2: The Champions' Ballad Includes: The Champions' Ballad Following an unseen voice, face a new test. Clear out monster camps, discover new shrines, conquer a huge dungeon and more.

  • Your reward: the Master Cycle Zero. You'll also help Kass complete an unfinished song by his mentor and write verses of his own, revealing unseen scenes from the Champions' and Princess Zelda's past. Note: To play this content, you must first free the four Divine Beasts.
  • 9 hidden items Adds the following items, hidden in chests across Hyrule: Island Lobster Shirt, Ravio's Hood, Zant's Helmet, Phantom Ganon Skull, Phantom Ganon Armor, Phantom Ganon Greaves, Royal Guard Cap, Royal Guard Uniform and Royal Guard Boots. Ancient Horse Gear The Ancient Bridle, which increases the spurs available when riding, and the Ancient Saddle, which lets you summon your steed wherever it is, are waiting to be found in treasure chests somewhere in Hyrule.
  • How to redeem your download code: IMPORTANT: This code can be redeemed on Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch console, or directly via our website at 1. From the HOME Menu, select [eShop icon shopping bag] and then select your Nintendo Account to open Nintendo eShop. 2. Once in Nintendo eShop, select REDEEM CODE, enter the 16-figure download code and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Terms & Conditions
    Download code for: [Downloadable Content] ""The Legend of Zelda™ Breath of the Wild - Expansion Pass"" This content can only be used within “The Legend of Zelda™ Breath of the Wild” and cannot be transferred to other titles. Only compatible with Nintendo Switch. This code can only be used in the European Nintendo eShop. To use the code, you must have access to a wireless internet connection, create or link a Nintendo Account and accept the Nintendo Account Agreement. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies. This code: * can only be redeemed once. * will not be replaced by Nintendo or the retailer if lost, stolen or otherwise used without your permission. To use online services, you must create a Nintendo Account and accept the related agreement. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies. Some online services may not be available in all countries. “The Legend of Zelda™ Breath of the Wild - Expansion Pass not playable before the release date.” This product contains technological protection measures. • The use of an unauthorised device or software that enables technical modification of the Nintendo Switch console or software may render this game unplayable. • A system update may be required to play. Basic reading ability in one of the software languages is needed to fully enjoy this software. Additional storage may be needed on your console for installation or software updates. Issued by Nintendo of Europe GmbH. *GAME SIZE - N/A *ACCESSORY COMPATIBILTY - Pro Controller Compatible; amiibo™ Compatible *LANGUAGE AVAILABILITY - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian *CONSOLE - Switch *TYPE - Downloadable Content *ORIGINAL SYSTEM - Switch *MULTIPLAYER MODE - N/A *PLAYERS - 1 *AGE RATINGS - PEGI 12+ / USK 12+ *COPYRIGHTS - © 2017 Nintendo Co., Ltd. *RELEASE DATE - 03/03/2017