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Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 1 - Nintendo Switch



Product overview

Contains the following content:

Hunter layered armor pieces:

  • Fox Mask
  • Theater Wig
  • Wyverian Earrings

Buddy layered amor sets:

  • Nine Tails (Palico)
  • Long Coat Costume (Palamute)

Gestures & poses:

  • High Five gesture
  • Attack pose set
  • Hurt pose set

Hunter appearance options:

  • Eye Shadow makeup
  • Hero face paint
  • Spread Wings makeup
  • Airy Short Bob hairstyle
  • Beachy Waves hairstyle
  • Great Baggi Crest hairstyle

Hunter voices:

  • Master Utsushi
  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden

Cohoot outfits:

  • Wind-Up Cohoot
  • Fluffy Hood

All content is cosmetic and does not confer any status benefits.

Note: After purchasing, speak to the Courier and select Add-on Content to receive layered armor and outfits.

You will then be able to use the Hunter and Buddy items in the Layered Armor Settings of the Item Box and Buddy Board, and the Cohoot items in the Change Clothes section of the Pet menu.

For hunter appearance options and voices, select Change Appearance in the Item Box to apply to your hunter.

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